this is me

hi everyone!welcome! welcome, my friend, wherever you are!
it’s so very nice of you to drop by and pay this blog a visit.

„pottbluemchen“ is my private blog. my name is rica, from germany, from the ruhr-area precicely. we call that „ruhrpott“ and this is where the name comes from. 
i consider myself to be rather „normal“ – as normal as one can be among these crazy weirdos hanging around. sure! i am part of them, no doubt about that.  but at least i try to be myself and not to go with the flow. and it actually works pretty well. and what i am blogging about?
i don’t know…stuff i’m interested in.
photography, poems, everyday nonsense, favorite quotes, girl’s stuff (you know, like…well, you know), and from time to time, seldom though, i get political, because i think it to be important.
whatever you like or don’t like around here – please tell – or don’t if you don’t want to.

hey, thanks again for your visit! i really really really appreciate that!! everytime i take a look at the statistics and i see a new flag i go „boooyaaahhhh!“ – serious, i started dancing the other day when australia showed up. be safe!
take care!
yours rica


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