…good things…

Good things come to those who wait…they say…do they?

I’ve got a friend, she is nice, gifted, beautiful and got married recently (like yesterday) – she’s a scenartist at a major German daily soap-opera

I’ve got a friend, handsome as he is, met his girlfiriend 18 years ago and no fight ever since – PhD, musician, scenartist, too, and celebrated author

I’ve got a friend, met her boyfriend when she was backpacking in Australia – now working for a major musical production company in Hamburg

I’ve got a friend, he’s brilliant, handsome, empathetic, intelligent, gifted musician – soon to be a doctor in business administration

I’ve got a friend, funny guy, 100% loyal to his friends – everyone loves him, he is successful in everything, what ever he does

I’ve got a friend, gifted editor, handsome, nice, friendly – was just signed to tour with Marla Glenn

I’ve got a friend, beautiful, successful business owner – has just signed a major deal with a big German company

I had a friend who claimed I should not bother and then ran off with the other bullies yelling not that many friendly words at me and had the whole school made fun of me

I had a friend who claimed that I was not to be trusted because I wouldn’t ditch my best friend for her

I had a friend who said I was the one to prevent him from being a successful musician

I had a friend I always was honest with, but he didn’t give a fucking shit on it when he told lies about me

I had a friend who dumped me and said I wasn’t worth anything, he wouldn’t waste another thought on me

I’ve got a psychiatrist who has recently diagnosed me with bipolar disorder

I’ve got a mirror image that tells me every morning „today’s your day, girl!“

I’ve got a mirror image, at noon,  that tells me that the morning face was probably wrong

I seldom got a mirror image in the evening because most of the evenings I am not able to see through my tears when I telling myself not to be such a pussy and to wallow in self-pity. But all the times I tried harder and harder and harder – I still failed in the end, got ditched, dumped or dropped…this finally made me realize something I probably should have realized some time ago…seems like I’m not worth it.

Now think about me what you want to think – it“ll be nothing new.

Ein Gedanke zu “…good things…

  1. Mhm – falls das mit Deiner Diagnose stimmen sollte, könnte der Text dazu passen. Das hört sich schon sehr frustriert an…
    So hab‘ ich Dich bisher hier auf Deinem Blog nicht kennengelernt! Wirf die Flinte auf keinen Fall ins Korn! Ich meine zu wissen, daß Dir ganz gut geholfen werden kann. Ich schicke Dir ganz liebe Grüße!

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