despite the thunderstorm that nicely woke me up this morning at 4:30am – with it’s halestones as big as baby’s hand that tried to dash the roof i’m sleeping under to pieces – weather here  – in lack of a better wort – sucks pretty much…i mean it’s not even noon and it’s 82°F (27°C) out there…hello?!?! tropical heat…uhm ,are you aware that this is central europe?!? all your humidity, and i’m totaly serious about that, is gonna ruin my hair…what the f**k…i didn’t sign up for this…


3 Gedanken zu “serious?!?

  1. …roll eyes…
    You seem to have the better end… At noon we had 34 degrees and a humidy, that you could bucket water directly out of the air.
    But Do I complain about my hair!?

    Of course there is not two much anymore to complain about… 😉
    Lol… advantage Stefan

    1. haha – but bavaria…sorry, but y’all probably deserve all this 😀 (not because i don’t like you people down there but because you stole everything from my soccerteam this year…)

  2. I can see your point…
    And…agree! The not named soccerteam is so arrogant, that you could form a whole aristocratic dynasty out of them…
    Did I already mention, that soccer in my opinion is a really stupid game? Totally overestimated…

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